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Suede shoe clips
Suede shoe clips
Our Price: 14.50
Sale Price: 4.99


How better to dress up a pair of courts or plain flatties than by simply clipping on a pair of our fabulous shoe clips: either wide ruched suede bows, big round buttons, or a simple 'lozenge' shape.

Mouse Design Felt Slippers - White & Grey
Mouse Design Felt Slippers - White & Grey
From 12.50

These cute mouse slippers might not help to keep your little ones quiet whilst theyre creeping around the house, but they will keep their feet cosy! With long tails and cheeky smiles, theyre a perfect present for that special occasion or everyday treat.

Handmade, seamless 100% wool felt slippers with added characteristic features and a soft leather sole.
Elephant Design Felt Slippers
Elephant Design Felt Slippers
From 12.50

Goodness gracious, what a nose! The curly trunks and HUGE ears of these Elephant slippers are carefully placed out of the way of little stomping feet, helping to keep this striking design practical too. And if that isnt enough to charm you, how can you resist those cheeky smiles?

Handmade, seamless 100% wool felt slippers with added characteristic features and a soft leather sole.
We may not be able to order in other sizes of this design, so if we have the size you need, don't hesitate! If we don't have the size you're looking for, it might be worth giving us a call at the shop on 01684 891 891. Our supplier might still have a few left that we can order before their stock runs out!
White Floppy Eared Dog Design Felt Slippers
White Floppy Eared Dog Design Felt Slippers
From 12.50

The perfect pet! These beautiful Floppy Eared Dog Slippers don't need feeding, walking, or cleaning up after, but they'll still love you and keep your feet cosy when you need them! A wonderful present for any child who likes dogs.

Handmade, seamless 100% wool felt slippers with added characteristic features and a soft leather sole.
Handmade Felt Mottled Cat Slippers
Mottled Cat Design Felt Slippers
From 12.50

Spotty cat slippers for all of the cat lovers you know! These slippers are cute and cuddly, and best of all, they won't cost you anything to feed... they don't even eat Mouse slippers! (Which is a very good thing, because they came all the way from Nepal in the same box!) Available in lots of different colours, these beautiful slippers are great for keeping all those cat lovers' toes warm and cosy!

Handmade, seamless 100% wool felt slippers with added characteristic features and a soft leather sole.
Blue Jasper Slippers
Blue Jasper Slipper
Our Price: 13.50

Lightweight, warm, and comfortable in wintery blues - what more could you want?
Pink Jaspers
Pink Jasper Slipper
Our Price: 13.50

Subtle pink check slippers that are so warm and snuggly you'll never want to take them off!
Slate Bubble
Slate Bubble
Our Price: 17.50

Sometimes, you want a simple, elegant scarf that is just the right length to keep you comfortable. The traditional tassels and warm design of this Slate Bubble scarf are perfect for winter wear, and the muted colours are a great alternative to our brighter designs. As an extra bonus, this scarf is slimmer and shorter than a lot of our other scarves, so if youre looking for something that you dont need to wrap round and round your neck, this might just be the one! The silky texture of this scarf is gorgeously soft and very unusual, as is the square pattern in shades of rich grey and petrol blue. This is a great choice to wear with a more subtle outfit, or even a statement coat!

This scarf is approximately 28cm by 120cm (including small tassels).
100% polyester
Washable at 30 Degrees Celsius
Iron safe
Leaf Slipper
Leaf Slipper
Our Price: 18.50

A comfortable full slipper style with an outdoor sole; so you can dance outside too!
Red Pill Box Hat
Handmade Fairtrade Felt Pill Box Hat - Red
Our Price: 29.99

A wonderful winter cosy - a red felt hat with vintage class!
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About Zinnia
Events where you can shop with Zinnia

Zinnia shoes main features

– Main body made of suede
   or leather
– dyed-through in sumptuous,
   jewel-rich colours
– Sizes 36 (UK3) to size
– 3 mm cushioned leather
– 3 or 4 mm rubber non-slip
   soles and heels
– Fun & colourful
– Comfortable
– Competitively priced

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Free Delivery
delivery We offer FREE delivery on all UK orders over £150.00 (excluding p&p). We do our very best to send out orders within 48 hours, but please allow up to 10 working days for delivery. If you need your purchases in a hurry (to wear for a special occasion, for example, or because you're going away on holiday) please email us at, or speak to Victoria on 07989 384387.

No Quibble Refunds

You need to get a few things right to feel good about your shoes such as size, fit, colour etc. To help you feel good about the shoes you are buying from us we are happy for you to return shoes, exchange shoes for smaller or larger sizes or for an outright refund of the purchase price in full within 7 days of purchase, whether that's by mail order, at a show or in our shop. If you decide after 7 days that they're not quite right for you, please give us a ring to discuss your requirements & we'll be delighted to help.

What people love about Zinnia

´Thank you for my new suede courts: they're stylish and comfortable and have a good grip! I love all my Zinnia ´foot candy´ - five pairs now, including all-day loafers, purple pumps and spotty dotties.´
Mrs Carver, Worcestershire

´Back again, having been so pleased with the "dotty" shoes I bought from you which are pretty, comfortable and much commented on, am back to buy some of your plain coloured pumps as you have such a good range of colours ­ a fantastic wardrobe staple.´
S. Wyman, Suffolk

'The most comfortable ballet flats EVER!'
A. Armsby, Egypt

´What service!!! Having ordered the belt Friday afternoon it arrived Saturday morning. Thanks.´
C. Hitchins, Herts

I love the navy ankle boots I bought from you so much, so I am sorely tempted to buy a pair of the above [black ruched boot] in black´..... ´Thank you so much for sending [the black ruched boots] so quickly. They are lovely and fit very well.´
Mrs J Field, Dorset